Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a pre-vocational training program for adults designed to provide quality internship experiences in preparation for competitive employmentThrough a partnership with Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa and Hy-Vee, Project SEARCH interns experience career development opportunities in retail sales, food preparation and customer service.


Why Participate in Project SEARCH?
Employers value the quality of work and dedication that individuals with different abilities can bring to their workplaces.  Interns are challenged to learn and develop the necessary skills while their training bolsters their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Project SEARCH interns participate in a functional curriculum that stresses employability and independent-living skills.  Project SEARCH training programs are designed around six major focus areas:

1. Working responsibly

2. Communicating effectively

3. Enhancing problem solving and critical thinking skillsprojectsearch2

4. Career planning

5. Utilizing technology

6. Developing self-determination and self-advocacy skills

Who Should Apply?
Candidates for Project SEARCH should:

  • Be at least 18 years old.projectsearch3
  • Qualify for Pre-Vocational funding.
  • Want to work and gain competitive employment in a business setting.
  • Demonstrate functional communication, reading and math skills.
  • Exhibit hygiene and social skills necessary in a business setting.
  • Demonstrate the strength and stamina necessary to train in a fast-paced environment.


Where Can I Find More Information?
For more information or to apply to Project SEARCH, contact Samuel B. Pattison at  or call 515-265-5323, Ext. 244.

You can download a Project SEARCH application here.