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Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a social media platform designed to connect people and share inspiring ideas. However, instead of gaining followers and showing off your latest vacay, LinkedIn is meant to connect you with your relevant professional connections to build your network. Creating a network of people is crucial when searching for a job. In fact, it has been reported that on average, 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking of some sort. To build connections and make your profile stand out to employers who look at it, follow the recommendations below to build a stellar LinkedIn Profile.

#1 Upload a Professional Headshot

While your profile picture does not need to be taken by a professional, you should look like one in it. Your profile picture should not be a prom, wedding, or any type of photo taken at a party. The picture should include a nice, plain background free of distractions. You should look polished and be wearing a nice shirt or dress without wrinkles. While looks shouldn’t be the most important aspect when being considered for a job, it does make an impact.

#2 Write a Summary

Similar to a cover letter explaining why you are the right person for the job, the LinkedIn summary section allows you to give more personal information about why you are passionate about the work you do and what you enjoy.

#3 List Your Skills

LinkedIn offers a profile section dedicated to listing relevant skills for which employers may be searching. For example, to a marketing professional these may include skills and software knowledge like Adobe Creative Cloud, the Microsoft Suite, Facebook, Instagram, Video Editing, and more. Recently, LinkedIn has also offered select aptitude tests for skills that can earn you a badge on your profile.

#4 Gather Endorsements

For the skills you have listed, your LinkedIn connections can endorse you for them. This assists in building your credibility and acts as an informal reference. One of the best ways to quickly build up your endorsements is by initiating the favor. Go endorse a few of your connections for skills you’re confident they have and they’re likely to return the good deed.

#5 Build Your Network

Once you have your profile built up, expand your network! LinkedIn allows you to search by name or interest to invite people to connect with to build your profile. You can also sync your email contacts to see which people are already on LinkedIn that you may be able to send an invite to in order to build your network.

Once you have built up your LinkedIn profile, you can begin applying for jobs on that platform! If you search for jobs that are not on LinkedIn, you can still include your LinkedIn profile link in your resume so people can easily find you.

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