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This Veterans Day, we would like to honor those within our organization and community who have sacrificed so much through their service.

One way Goodwill of Central Iowa (GCI) is serving veterans within our community is through the Essential Employment Skills Program. Through partnership, GCI and Veterans Affairs (VA) support ex-service members with disabilities as they rebuild confidence and independence in the workplace.  

Individuals in the Essential Employment Skills Program receive paid, hands-on training while focusing on the development of essential workplace skills.


Over the course of nine to twelve weeks, participants are provided the chance to develop and practice various skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Goodwill Job Coaches collaborate with VA staff to help individuals find success throughout the program. Participants are supported while they focus on essential workplace behaviors such as timeliness, accountability, confidence, self-advocacy, and cooperation.

Through the duration of the program, GCI Job Coaches are in constant communication with VA staff. This communication is primarily comprised of weekly updates on participants progress, as well as how individuals can be better supported by both organizations.

Job coaches also provide support to participants by helping to address any health, wellness, or safety concerns. They also make necessary referrals, coordinate transportation, and supply personal care items, such as clothing and other essentials.

Your support helps Goodwill of Central Iowa continue to change lives in our communities one job at a time.

Not only does the Essential Employment Skills Program assist Veterans, but it also helps reduce our community’s impact on local landfills. Currently, program participants are focusing their efforts on reducing e-waste in our community through resale and salvage.

When items such as computers, printers, televisions, and other electronics are donated, they are inspected for functionality. Operational items are wiped and re-imaged for resale on Items which are not operational are broken down and the resulting materials are either recycled or salvaged. The responsible handling of these materials allows us to respectfully maximize each donation we receive, while still offering reliable items to our retail customers.


At Goodwill of Central Iowa, it is our mission to make purposeful employment possible for all.

The support of our community is essential for us to continue offering services like the Essential Employment Skills Program. We truly are making a difference in our communities, one donation at a time.

There are so many ways to support Goodwill of Central Iowa. Whether through the donation of gently used items, financial contribution to our cause, or by shopping in our retail locations; every act of conscious generosity helps us positively impact our communities.

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