The Best Times of Year To Job Search

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best time of year to job search

If you are looking for a job or are considering a career change you may be considering how you can maximize your window of opportunity. A popular question among many is ‘What is the best time to job search?’ Below we have combined the most unanimous information from sources including Indeed, Monster, and Top Resume regarding the best time of year to job search.

January and February

According to many, January and February are the best time of the year to job hunt. In the new year, businesses are beginning to implement their new strategic goals, people may have retired or left at the previous year’s end, and departments are operating with new budgets. These are all contributing factors to new and open positions.

During the month of January, job boards are buzzing with new positions. However, experts advise waiting a couple of weeks before sending out applications. It is expected that many in management roles are returning from long holiday vacations at the top of the month delaying any immediate decisions. Additionally, experts suggest that hiring managers take more time to consider all their applicants before making the final decision.  

While managers take time to make their hiring decisions, February becomes the most popular month for hiring. While there are still many open positions at this time, people who sent in applications in January can expect to hear some sort of feedback come the following month.

March, April, May

The spring months still bring hiring activity. However, as the spring progresses there may be fewer and less promising opportunities. The most frequent perk of applying for a job late in the spring is that many hiring managers will be looking to fill their open positions prior to the summer months.

June, July, August

It is not unheard of for job listings to be made during the summer months, or for hiring to take place during this time. However, the summer sun calls for summer fun. With kids out of school for the summer, and many looking to take vacations, job listings and hiring slow down significantly during this time of the year.

September and October

Following three months of fun in the sun, managers are back in office full force ready to fill their spots and make decisions. September and October are also popular months for job listings and hiring as departments are wanting to solidify their team before year-end.

November and December

Similar to the summer months, November and December are not as promising for job listings. With the holiday season, many people are again taking time off to go on holiday vacations to see family and friends to celebrate. It is during these months you are much less likely to find job listings.

In Conclusion

No matter the time of year, there will always be job openings. Job searching is personal for everyone as circumstances vary from person to person. Additionally, there are different industries that hire in waves due to current or anticipated demand. Consider the different variables that affect your personal job search.

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