Housekeeping Mistakes To Avoid

Clutter is virtually unavoidable. You get busy, and messes are made, making a longer cleaning list. But no matter how big the mess is, you’ll be able to get it clean by focusing on these steps! They will help declutter your home and promote healthy behaviors!

Avoid “Junk Drawers”

Do you have random loose batteries, stamps, pens, and more that need a home? “Junk Drawers” can be beneficial for storing miscellaneous stuff, but there’s a problem once it’s full and can hardly be opened. Focus on segmenting your drawer with organizational baskets and labels. Determine if the items in there are necessary or can be recycled and thrown away.

Clean and Cook

Take the time to clean while you cook to avoid lingering stains and hard food residue. Putting off kitchen cleaning after you eat might leave you feeling less than motivated to get things done. So, as your meal is cooking, make a habit of cleaning any prep work items you used.

Sort Mail Right Away

It’s been a long day and you’re ready to sit back and relax. But first, you check your mail! Instead of throwing it on the counter or table to view later, dedicate yourself to sitting down and sorting it. This prevents messy clutter buildup and allows you to focus on any important mail that may have.

Putting Off Laundry

Laundry isn’t everyone’s favorite chore. Don’t let your laundry basket overflow and topple over with those last few socks you need to throw on top. Instead, don’t wait until the basket is full. Do a few smaller loads throughout the week so you aren’t facing a mountain by the time you make it to the weekend. Bonus: Doing smaller loads will help alleviate big piles of clothes to hang and fold.

Still Too Many Clothes?

After all that laundry, are you still facing down a mountain of clothes you don’t love anymore? No problem! We’ll take those once-loved duds and give them a second lease on life! Donate at your nearest Goodwill of Central Iowa location today!

Check out the list of items that we can and cannot accept.

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