Spring Decluttering

Decluttered Life = Decluttered Mind

If you don’t use it, lose it!

Spring cleaning is a great time to focus on your possessions. Do you really need 15 coffee mugs? How about all your clothes you “might wear someday”? How many times have you used those items since you got them? Get rid of the excess so you have less! Below is a list of items to help jumpstart your decluttering this Spring.


From minimalist to maximalist, there are ways to declutter your décor based on your style aesthetic. Be selective with your décor and choose the items you love most. Your pieces will stand out when you emphasize what you keep and donate.

Throws and Pillows

Changing out your pillow covers seasonally is a great way to freshen up the space. But, if you have lumpy pillows or there are too many that you can’t sit down, consider discarding the ones you don’t want or need. Heavy throws can be stored away for spring and decluttering your space of heavy fabrics and materials makes it feel lighter and brighter.

Medicine Cabinet

Spring is a fantastic time to go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of any expired or unused medicines. Remember to use proper disposal methods for medication.


Did you wear that sweater at all over the winter months? If not, you probably won’t wear it again next winter, so donate it and declutter your closet. After every season, go through your clothes and donate what you didn’t wear. This helps limit your closet space while creating a wardrobe you love!

Donate It!

Learning to say “Goodbye” to things is a natural part of life. Ridding yourself of material possessions is the easiest way to declutter your space. Most of us are very busy people without the time to think about our possessions. When purchasing something new, think of “Should I buy this?” or “Do we need this?”

Remember what your end goal is when you start to declutter and clean your space. Donate your decluttered goods to your local Goodwill to give them a new life. See what items we can and cannot accept here.

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