Goodwill Date Night Challenge

Think outside the box this year and think Goodwill as you prepare for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are looking for date night outfit inspiration or just a fun budget friendly date, Goodwill has you covered. In recent years the Goodwill Date Night Challenge has grown increasingly popular after a Florida couple went viral for their unconventional date night outfits. Following this budget friendly challenge, other versions have come to take its place. We are here to tell you about TWO ways you can play the Goodwill Date Night Challenge. 

Date Night Challenge Two Ways

  1. To play the date night challenge the original way, you and your partner will determine a budget between $10 and $20 for each person. After setting the parameters of the budget, you will each go and shop for an outfit for the other person. Pro tip: set an amount of time in which you have to gather the items. Once you have chosen the other person’s outfit, you will proceed to checkout. After exchanging outfits, you will dress up and head out for your date night plans. Under no circumstance can you explain your outfit to anyone who may ask while you are on your date. Have fun and enjoy a light hearted evening with your significant other and take the pressure off of what to wear. 
  2. The revamped version of the Goodwill Date Night Challenge includes teamwork. Most people choose to share this version on their tiktok or instagram reels or stories to share with their friends. Like the original version, a budget will be determined. Then you will shop together while one films and the other skims the racks for cute items. The person “shopping” will run their hand across the top of the hangers while their partner films. Once the filming partner says STOP, the shopper will grab the hanger their hand is on. Repeat this process throughout the different sections of pants, dresses, shirts, jewelry, and shoes until an outfit is formed. Once you have collected your pieces, you will proceed to check out and continue the night in these wacky and mismatched items. 

Make Valentine’s Day fun and light hearted this year and give back to a cause in the process. While having fun in our stores choosing mismatching styles (or if you prefer to go for a more serious look, that’s fine too!) your purchases go back into funding the mission programs at Goodwill of Central Iowa. Take the pressure off of finding the perfect outfit, and give the pocketbook a break. This lighthearted approach is sure to turn heads and cause laughter. What a better way to spend the holiday than to enjoy the company of the person you are with. 

For those who are looking for outfit inspiration for a night out with their s/o or best gal pals, check out our instagram @dmgoodwill for all of your clothing inspiration needs. 

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