Halloween Costumes for Kids

Tis the season for spooky movies, creaky doors, autumn leaves, homemade treats, and halloween! While plans may be uncertain for the holiday, choosing a budget friendly and easy to assemble costume is always a good option. Many items can be found at your local Goodwill to assemble a creative kids costume at your local Goodwill to piece together a creative costume. 

If you have found yourself looking for some costume inspiration, or are in need of a last minute costume, look no further! Keep reading for costume ideas that stand the test of time. And the best part? The kiddos might already have some of these items in their closets making it that much easier to get them party ready. 


In the dreamland of fairy dust and rainbows, it is assured your little one will be skipping across the clouds and collecting stars for good luck in the most whimsical costume of them all, the Unicorn. Assemble this outfit with a unicorn hoodie and some colorful leggings. If you’re feeling generous, make this costume extra special with a spritz of pink or purple coloring in their hair. 

Total outfit cost $9


Staying up too late may turn your little one into a pumpkin. That doesn’t mean like they have to dress like Cinderella herself or any other Disney princess to be one this halloween. Create your own customizable princess look with a pretty dress, some dressy shoes, and a tiara. 

Total outfit cost $9

Boo (from Monsters inc)

While they may look sweet, your little Boo will be immune to all the scary monsters this Halloween. Recreate Boo’s look with some purple leggings, an oversized pink t-shirt, and white shoes. We suggest moving up a size or two in shirts to get that perfect oversized look and fit. Remember to finish off her look with some pig-tails!

Total outfit cost $12

Daniel Tiger 

It is always a beautiful day in the neighborhood, especially on Halloween! Dress as Daniel Tiger by tossing on a red sweater (preferably a nice pullover or zip up) with some khaki’s, and sneakers. To really set the look over the top draw a triangle at the tip of their nose and add some tiger ears.  

Total outfit cost $12

Cowboy or Cowgirl  

Possibly one of the most timeless costumes of all is the cowboy/cowgirl. While the assembly itself is simple, this costume is also customizable. The basics of the outfit include a plaid shirt, denim or khaki bottoms, and boots. Spice up this look by adding a cowboy/cowgirl hat, scarf, or vest. For girls who may want it to be a bit more “girly” swap out the jeans and opt for a denim skirt instead. 

Total outfit cost $8

Minion (from Despicable Me)

While it may seem like your kids speak “minionese” from time to time, you don’t need to understand it for them to dress as a minion for Halloween. Recreate this look by pairing together a yellow shirt with denim overalls or jeans. Top off the look with some black sneakers, gloves, and if time permits, a pair of goggles.

Total outfit cost $8

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