Halloween Costumes with Masks

In years past a costume with a mask may have seemed excessive or only for those who were confident and brave enough to be tasked with yet another thing to keep track of. However that does not seem to be the case this year. Unless you are having a Halloween party over Zoom, or in a small, intimate, socially-distanced gathering, you may need to make alterations for your costume to include a face mask to prevent COVID-19. 

If you’re looking for ideas on coordinated costumes keep reading to see our curated selections for this halloween. Whether you want to keep up with the times and promote 2020’s haunted past with pop culture references or would prefer to keep things traditional, we’ve got you covered. No matter what you choose your local Goodwill has what you need to create the perfect costume. 

The Flower 

For the artistically inclined and those who don’t mind a bit of a challenge, the Flower from The Masked Singer is a sweet and simple costume recreation. To create this look pair together a green dress (or in this case a jumpsuit) with a coordinated purple scarf and mask. To elevate this look play with your eye makeup and opt for a dramatic look with purple hues. 

Total outfit cost $17


For those who like a more traditional approach to halloween and like it solely for its association to fall, this is for you. Keep it sweet this year with a pumpkin face mask. Pair this with a green scarf, orange shirt, and some black pants. 

Total outfit cost $13

Tiger King 

Tiger King seems like a hazy dream with all that has happened this year. But for just a moment in time it was what brought many together. Virtually, of course. While Joe may be exotic… Joe can also be kinda basic. Pair a neutral colored plaid button down with jeans, boots, and a ball cap. Finalize the look with a tiger mask and a few feline fun facts. 

Total outfit cost $21

Alexander Hamilton 

Alexander Hamilton rose to popularity this year when the broadway play was released on Disney Plus after we had binge watched virtually every other show known to man… To recreate the popular movie character, pair a white button down with a blue jacket, cream slacks, and if possible a vest. Top the look off with a neutral color mask. 

Total outfit cost $16


What would Halloween be if no one was dressed as a cat? The perfect look if you’re in a pinch is the black on black cat. With a cat mask, black skirt, top, and boots you are more than ready to go. Switch it up with black pants, leggings, or add tights if you’re worried about being chilled. 

Total outfit cost $14

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