Mean Girls

We know, “fetch” is never going to happen. But we are sure going to try to make it happen this Halloween with these Mean Girl outfits. By curating your costume from your local Goodwill, you are also given the versatility to choose pieces that are best for you and your style. Once the party, meeting, or video chat is over each piece can go back into your closet to be used on another day and no one would be the wiser. 

The items shown below are all thrifted from Goodwill of Central Iowa retail stores. These clothing items and accessories are budget-friendly and can easily be reused and worn throughout the year!

Regina George 

The leader of them all, and the definition of mean girl is Regina George herself. Armed and dangerous with her snarky attitude and one liners, her style is just as iconic as the character itself. If you plan on being the leader of your group of gal pals for the night, toss on a black skirt, white t-shirt, a pink cardigan and pink heels. 

Total outfit cost $18

Gretchen Weiners 

Okay, so we can’t sit with you… BUT we can be available for all your stylistic needs to pose as Gretchen Weiners this halloween. Pair together this suede skirt with a hot pink top and a cute pair of pumps and you’re off to make “fetch” happen. 

Total outfit cost $14

Karen Smith 

Karen was smart to stay home when she wasn’t feeling well. But if you are in tip top shape to celebrate halloween then we suggest Karen’s iconic all pink outfit. Pink, on pink, on pink. Top, bottom, and shoes. 

Total outfit cost $14

Cady Heron 

We think it’s pretty “grool” if you decide to be Cady for the holiday. Her low maintenance style with jeans, a polo, and sandals is about as easy as it could get. Better yet, she requires minimal makeup, making this costume extremely low maintenance and time efficient.  

Total outfit cost $18

Are you planning to dress up as a character from Mean Girls? Share your secondhand scores with us on Facebook and Instagram – @DMGoodwill and #HalloweenAtHome.

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