Riverdale provides such versatility with the cast and costumes. Whether you are looking for a group costume, a perfect duo for you and your bestie, or a cute couples outfit, Riverdale has it all. These retro inspired and on trend looks are sure to keep you current and hip among your fellow peers. So whether you want to style your costume with something vintage or new age, Goodwill has it all.  


Betty’s fairytale land of milkshakes and first kisses is accurately depicted in her sweet, good girl style. Dress as Betty’s look alike in a grey dress with a sweet pink sweater or cardigan with a pair of neutral toned flats. Remember, don’t forget to complete the style with her high ponytail and a pop of pink on the lips and cheeks. 

Total outfit cost $18


Veronica’s dark toned wardrobe with pearls is just a sign of the elegance and mystery that surrounds her. Her sleek but simple style is simple to recreate with her iconic black on black on pearls. Pair a fitted tank with a skater skirt and pumps to complete your look. 

Total outfit cost $17


Archie: the all star athlete, beloved musician, (assumed) straight A student, and fiercely loyal friend. Is there anything Archie could do wrong with his perfect persona and nice guy style? Mimic his preppy look with a sport fit tee, a collared sweater, and a pair of jeans.

Total outfit cost $16


The broody outcast of the bunch sports his edgy, yet hipster style with fitted khakis, worn combat boots, and a simple t-shirt. Round out this look by adding a jean jacket and a beanie. 
Total outfit cost $16

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