Scooby Doo

Is your little one at home obsessed with playing puppy? Maybe you have a kid who likes to play monster by jumping around the corner to scare you (or tearing apart your living room in t-minus 10 seconds…) If so, then this Scooby Doo family (and couples) friendly costume is a perfect fit for everyone. These easy to assemble outfits can be found by shopping at your local Goodwill. The best part? Each piece can be reused and reassembled by using the other elements in your closet to create styles for your daily life. 

The items shown below are all thrifted from Goodwill of Central Iowa retail stores. These clothing items and accessories are budget-friendly and can easily be reused and worn throughout the year!


The leader of the mystery gang comes equipped with the savviest orange neck scarf and the keys to the coveted Mystery Machine. Blue slacks, a white collared shirt, and brown loafers is all the more you need to tie together this look. Plus, these items can be reworn all year round, helping you get the most bang for your buck this Halloween!

Total outfit cost $17

Daphne Blake

The only thing more iconic than her style is her sass. This simple look is pulled together in just minutes with a purple dress, green scarf, and a pair of boots. For anyone feeling extra ambitious and brave, winged eyeliner will really set this look over the top. 

If you’re going for a sweet “mommy and me” moment, check out the kids section for a matching purple dress. 

Total $11

Velma Dinkley 

Anyone who is always thinking ahead, has their nose stuck in a book, or always has a sound and logical explanation is likely the best candidate for Velma. Style your look with a maroon skirt, orange turtle neck, and a pair of flats. 

Total outfit cost $14

Norville “Shaggy” Rogers  

While you can’t purchase the overuse of “like” at Goodwill, be sure to, like, use it all night. Pull together your best Shaggy look by wearing brown pants, a green t-shirt, and black sneakers. If dressing like Shaggy makes you suddenly feel extra hungry, pick up a box of Scooby Snacks at your local grocery store. 

Total outfit cost $14

Scooby Doo 

For the “puppy” in your life, our kids section has all the things needed to curate the perfect Scooby outfit. The combination of leggings with a black shirt and brown jacket is great to keep the little one warm in the cool weather. Maybe add a little bit of black liner on the tip of their nose to round out the look. 

Total outfit cost $12

Are you planning to dress up as a Mystery Gang character? Share your secondhand scores with us on Facebook and Instagram – @DMGoodwill and #HalloweenAtHome.

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