Goodwill’s Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Safety!

Trick-or-Treat safety is essential knowledge to have for the Halloween season. Below, you’ll read helpful tips on how to stay safe this Halloween and still have fun!

1. Glow Sticks or Flashlights

It is important for children to wear brightly colored costumes so they are seen easily with the darker skies. Carrying flashlights or glow sticks ensures they are visible to drivers, and helps your children see where they are going. It’s also a fun way to add some light to their costumes! Make sure your batteries are fresh for the evening, or if you’re using glow sticks, to pack a few extra.

2. Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is crucial on this spooky night. Children must have an adult—even if they’re in a group. It is important to trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods and to only go to homes with their porch light on. Children should never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle, and having adult supervision will help rule out any unnecessary worries or safety concerns. If your child is older and doesn’t need an adult, set route rules and curfews to keep them safe, and always carry a cell phone to keep in touch.

3. Food Safety

The hardest rule of them all is to NOT let your children eat their candy until you inspect it. Parents should be aware of their child’s allergies when selecting treats. Homemade treats are a kind gesture, but you don’t know the ingredients within them. It is important to only take sealed candies while trick-or-treating to limit the risk of tampering and allergies. With kids touching several doors, railings, and each other, taking hand sanitizer will limit potential illnesses once your child starts eating their candy.

4. Chose the Right Costume!

You want your child to be comfortable while trick-or-treating, so make sure their costume fits them. Masks are a great addition to a costume, but be sure they can see properly and have good ventilation. Bright-colored costumes are recommended for visibility purposes, plus, it helps drivers see your children in case they wander into the streets. Try to avoid costumes that drag along the ground or gets caught on things easily. These can become fires hazards and cause tripping concerns, which can cause injuries. If your child has a darker-colored costume, put reflective tape on it so others can see them at night.

5. Fire Safety

Everyone loves a pumpkin lit up at night, but be aware of the risks that could come with using a real candle. To stay safe, put your candles in places away from foot traffic. Electric candles are a safer alternative to using open flames in jack-o’-lanterns. Keeping costumes off the ground will help your children stay safe if they happen to come across a candle-lit jack-o’-lantern on a sidewalk or driveway.

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for people of all ages. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety while celebrating this holiday. By following these tips, such as wearing visible clothing, being cautious around flames, and inspecting treats, everyone can enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. Remember, taking a few simple precautions can help ensure that the night is filled with spooky fun rather than accidents and injuries. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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